Product Discovery & Technology Consulting

The discovery phase along with software consulting not only helps to distinguish the core tech requirements but transforms your business vision into an effective solution.

  • Evaluate

    Discovering the current state of:

    • business issues
    • key operations
    • performance metrics
  • Prioritize

    Allocating a pool of possible solutions based on:

    • business goals
    • project requirements
    • possible limitations
  • Execute

    Improving business operations by implementing:

    • tech optimization strategy
    • risks mitigation plan
    • product development roadmap

Plan Profitable Products.

The product discovery phase allows dealing with uncertainty available at the start of the project. It is vital for those willing to deliver the product on time and within a budget.

    • 01.

    • benefits.

      We have established a highly efficient product ideation process that allows creating beneficial projects from scratch.

      • Clear product vision
      • Minimized risks
      • Prototyping
      • Architecture aligned to goals
      • Optimized development costs
    • 02.

    • staff.

      A certain team structure allows providing the discovery phase services efficiently. Each one plays its own vital role.

      • Project Manager
      • Solution Architect
      • Business Analyst
      • UX Designer
    • 03.

    • steps.

      The discovery phase allows eliminating all unknowns when preparing for the actual product development process.

      • Competitive analysis
      • User research
      • Customer journey map
      • Prototyping
      • OSolution Architecture
      • Project backlogging
      • Product roadmap
    • 04.

    • results.

      We create a broad list of deliverables to ensure a fast and cost-effective product development process.

      • Product business model
      • Proof of concept
      • Tech specification
      • Development cost estimate
      • Team composition
      • Technology stack proposal
      • Project schedule baseline

Product & Technology Consulting.

Uncover the best-fitting strategy backed up by the right technologies to solve even the most complex business challenges.

  • Dt

    Digital transformation

    We advocate for data-driven business digitalization, implementation of high-standard security systems, cloud migration, and automation of manual and routine processes. It makes business processes more rapid, secure, and flexible.

  • Bmd

    Business Model Design

    We define the business capacity of your product. It includes identification of customers’ pain points, unique value proposition, target audience segments, key product metrics, project costs, and monetization strategies.

  • Pr

    Product Roadmap

    After a thorough competitors research and target audience analysis, we create a customer journey map, technical specification, and a detailed plan on product development. It ensures the product-market fit and reduces risks of overbudgeting.

  • Caas

    CTO as a Service

    Our expertise allows us to take full responsibility for the IT business strategy, solution architecture, product roadmap execution, production team composition, development process organization, and quality assurance step-by-step.

  • Aa

    Architecture Advisory

    We help our business partners to turn away from outdated or ineffective IT delivery systems. Instead, we consult on a smart solution architecture that allows them to streamline the delivery and implement innovative technologies.

  • Lcr

    Legacy Code Review

    We identify weak and strong sides of the existing software by evaluating the current architecture, code quality, test coverage, or potential security flaws. It helps to streamline and accelerate the software development process.

How We Make Every Project a Success!

Why Elementica? We are a product-oriented team of experienced professionals applying the best practices in software development.

Image #1
    • Product Mindset

      We care about each project’s objectives and outcomes as much as product owners do. With no exceptions.

    • Profound Experience

      With a team of mostly senior-level developers, we know how to choose the right tech stack for each particular project.

    • Data Protection

      We follow all global secure coding practices, personal data protection laws and care deeply about data security.

    • Smooth Communication

      Open communication and well-organized collaboration flow reflect in high satisfaction of our clients in our services.

    • User-Focused Design

      User experience is our top priority. We apply design thinking to exceed user expectations and help brands grow.

    • Agile Approach

      We are flexible in every way - from conducting product development in iterations to accumulating product scalability principles.

Customers Said.

The team were incredibly dedicated and available throughout the duration of our projects. Attention to detail was superb: they regularly updated us on work progress and did not hesitate to ask when needed clarification or more specific instructions. That strength was further shown in the results of their work, which were well written and to-spec.

  • Gail McGrath
  • MAPA Compliance Forum

We have been working together for over two years now. They helped us develop our project from an idea into a functional and active business. Throughout this time, they have maintained professional service and completed tasks to an excellent standard within a good timeframe. They are fairly adaptive to variations and changes."

  • Patrick Little
  • TextOre, Inc.

Elementica is fantastic to work with: responsive, knowledgeable, flexible, and transparent. They are straight shooters that deliver on commitments and always strive to make it right. We engaged with this team to jump start our product development for mobile and server side development. They quickly came up to speed on new technologies!

  • Sheila Snyder
  • CEO at Salita

I was very very skeptical to work with any agency but this team has been absolutely phenomenal! We had the best of both worlds. They assigned us a really good developer who was working consistently and delivered good work. But we also got an account manager who was always making sure things are progressing well and we are happy along the way!

  • Brian Mandelbaum
  • Akumen, Inc.

As a volunteer of a non profit I don’t have a lot of time to figure out how to change our website. Elementica was very generous with their skills and time as my educator, trainer, designer, et al. Elementica created our site and provides ongoing support that I appreciate tremendously. I do highly recommend the Elementica team!

  • Jim Livi
  • NAMI Syracuse

Elementica has really helped us out tremendously. We had many issues with our website and did not have a web designer or developer on staff to help correct our issues. We contacted Elementica and wished we had done so sooner! They have had great response times and have helped us clean up and manage our website.

  • David Pugliese
  • Clear View Bag Co.

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